Today was a big day for the Rudolph family.    First thing this morning (6:30 am), my hubby  and my two youngest kiddos left for Stillwater for the state recurve archery competition.   Chance qualified to go to nationals again this year!!!!    Cristin is too young to be eligible for nationals.       I need to give a big thank you to my hubby for taking the kids so I could stay home and go to garage sales. 

I went to garage sales with my mom and sister, Penny.   My sister got some good stuff.  

Clay went to Tahlequah for his first day of official training for his trip in June.   He got his bike and gear today.   


A friend of ours stopped by today when Chance was getting ready for the prom.    Our friend Danielle was here in her formal wear for her cousin’s wedding.    I could tell that the friend was thinking that Chance was going to the prom with an older woman.    It was so funny.



Chance and Danielle were dressed in snazzy clothes, so I took their picture together.




Is I just me or do they look really good together?    Smile



This is Kayla.   She was Chance’s date to the Homeschool Prom.   I’ve known her for years, but she moved to southern Oklahoma a few years ago.    The last time I saw her in person, she was a little girl.    I couldn’t believe how much she has changed and grown.   She looked amazingly beautiful.   They were so cute together in their camo. 










Chance and Kayla







I think this was the best picture of the evening.   The wind was blowing like crazy.   As I type this post, they are at the prom.   I just got a text from a friend and she said “the kids are having a great time”. 



Kayla’s mom sent this picture to me by text.  


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4 Responses to Camouflage

  1. I think you have a talent for portrait photography Pam! I LOVE the one of Kayla and Chance, beautiful and so natural, and something that they will have forever as a momento of the night. I also love the one of Danielle and Chance (with the slight wide angle) and Danielle and Clay. I bet you are really good at keeping your subjects nice and relaxed 🙂

    Leaves are on the trees too, I notice!

  2. rmprudolph says:

    Thanks so much Lisa. That means alot to me. If I had to choose only one hobby, it would be photography for sure. Two people are credited with my interest in photography. The first person is a friend who always has a camera with her and is always clicking pictures and the other person is Penny. She encourged me to take better pictures.
    No, I’m not great about keeping my subjects relaxed. 🙂 After taking Chance and Kayla’s photos for 45 minutes, they said their smiles were stuck to their faces and they were rubbing their cheeks. 🙂
    Yes, I’m so happy about leaves.

  3. 1. Danielle looked beautiful! I think black is her color. Brings out her dark hair and eyes. But you know me….I love black.
    2. I think I’m misplaced in the world………you know how I feel about camo.🙂
    3. You have been doing an AMAZING job with the portrait work.
    4. I think you enjoy portrait work way more than me.🙂 I like stuff that doesn’t move.🙂

    • rmprudolph says:

      I like taking portrait pictures. I took 420 photos of a family yesterday, but only 50-60 are good. Someone in the pic is either blinking or hair is out of place or they have a funny look on their face. Also, its a family of 5, so odds increase that someone’s face will not be right. So many factors have to be right to get a good portrait. But, when you do get a good portrait pic, it’s such a good feeling. I feel like I’ve defeated the odds. 🙂

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